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So, I'm not dead but there were times over the weekend I felt like I was close. Damn flu - I feel like I slept for 4 days straight.

Still not 100% but I'm awake. That has to count for something, right?

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.
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A bit of advice Don't put your frosty on the coffee table and leave the room if you have cats. You think I'd know better. *sighs* I really wanted that frosty goodness but now it's Willow's. Damn Cat!
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I never do understand how my muse works sometimes. I wanted to write a quick story about how Holly ([profile] divas_lament's spawn) and JD go find Chloe in the great spawn crossover universe. Well that little story has blossomed to almost 10,000 words. I just love the Spawn but this is crazy. I seriously need to find the "epic" off switch. I long to write drabbles *snicker* Like that's ever gonna happen. Diva has beta'd most of it and it's almost done - so look for a posting sometime tomorrow.

On another note - after promising for months that I was retuning to the story of Sam, The reavers and the firefly crew, I can actually say that I have written the first 1000 words *fist pump* But knowing my muse the damn thing will be 20,000 words long before I'm done.

It feels so weird to be writing in that part of my SPN world again. See this is what happens when [profile] ithyldin is off the internet. Poor Ezra gets shoved aside for some very determined Winchester brothers.
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I got new glasses today and they were Bifocals - YUCK, I am officially old!! But at least I can see again. It will take some time to get used to looking through the correct level. Right now I feel constantly Dizzy.

I am off work until January 5th and doing nothing but vegging on the sofa, watching TV and of course writing. It may be the best Vacation ever!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!!
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Hey out there. Been a bit off the grid these days. The Muse has been cooperative but I think weaning her off the speed. It has been detrimental because my out put has been down. She wants to write but just hasn't had the energy lately.

Still, the good news is I finished my story for the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts. Halfway through a new Chlean story and the Spawn Apocalypse is still underway though I haven't made any progress lately.

The TV Addict talks Heroes )

Big Bang Theory )

Bones )

Canceled shows - ABC breaks my heart )
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Hey out there. Sitting in the airport on my way to Alabama for my monthly check in with the plant in Birmingham. Flight is delayed - of course. I really hate flying through Atlanta and yet I continue to do it.

I will be be sitting alone in a hotel room all night tonight. Hoping many of you will be around so I don't lose my mind!

I'm cutting it close on this week's spawn fic but I always seem to be inspired on airplanes. I think my muse likes the peanuts. She's been a little uncooperative lately.

But the good news on the writing front is the next Watcher!Abby story is at the beta. I've been neglecting poor Abby and I hope this means she'll be yakking at me more.

Halfway through a new highlander fic - Methos centric - yep when everyone else shuts up you can count on Methos to snark at you.

As for the ficathons update:
The numb3rs story was posted and I won't be signing up for that community again

The WTficathon story is almost done. It came together in an unexpected way and I'm writing House - never done that before. It's due Aug 22nd so I should make that.

After swearing off ficathons I signed up for the Mag7 one - come on how could I resist. I have an idea so it shouldn't be a problem.

Now if JD and Mule would just cooperate and tell me what mischief they are up to - I could write my spawn fic.
Wanted to share - [profile] sweeteen_200 made these excellent Icons of my Spawn. *hugs* to her!!

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Next time you hear me even mention I might want to sign up for a ficthon - Please smack me. I don't know why I do this. I get these weird assignments and then I have no idea what to write.

The exception to my ficathon misery was the was the kick-ass highlander holiday ficathon. The memory of that great experience has blinded me to the realities of ficathon assignments.

I've decided I need to get organized: Here's a list of all the things I am writing or want to write this month! Some started - some just planned.
1) The Mag7/SPN crossover sequel to "Ghost Town" - 16,000+ words and closing in on the end!WooHoo!

2) The SPN/FF/HL/SV - Immortal!Dean in space sequel to "Into The Coming Storm" is plotted and since everyone keeps asking - Yes - Methos will be in it and Dean will not be happy.

3) Next Watcher!Abby - Gibbs is investigating Richie - about halfway done.

4) Richie and Jo - Completely plotted just have to get it out of my head. I've been meaning to write this for a long time and now i have a deadline. Thanks [personal profile] dragonsinger Yay!

5) I know there's at least one more thing I've promised - help me out here. And no there will not be a MacGyver/SPN sequel for sometime. Sorry guys.

So yeah - The ficathons:
1) A Numb3rs story about the Eppes brothers all three prompts want Wee!Eppes. Hopefully all my Spawn fic will help with this one but I've written exactly one Numb3rs story.

2) It's a crossover assignment and I only recognize 4 fandoms on her list. Firefly, Quantum leap, X-files and House. yeah good luck crossing those. Sighs - I've never defaulted so I won't give up yet. The deadline is in august!

But best of all:
The next [profile] spawnfic_tues story. Truthfully these have been some of the easiest and most fun stories I've ever written. I love this community - *HUGS* to all the other Spawn writers!

So am I a loon or what!! Wait - don't answer that.
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Friday will mark my one year Anniversary on Live Journal. I thought of this as 4 new people friended me yesterday - shooting the number of people who have done that past 100.

I am just in awe and feeling a little sentimental because last May I was a lurker. Someone who read other people's stories and never commented or left any sign I was around. Then on May 30th 2007, I got myself a journal, delurked and everything changed.

On June 6th, I posted my first story ever and I mean ever: 4 Times Dean Got Fired and 1 Time He Quit. It was a simple effort and I thought that was it for writing but like a lays potato chip - I couldn't write just one [g].

Looking back through my archive, I was surprised to see that the second story I ever wrote was Red Tape, the first story in the Immortal!Dean series - I find it unbelievable that, that series was there right from the beginning.

So here I am a year later, completely addicted to writing and the community on LJ

*hugs you all* for a great year!

To all you new flisters - tell me about you! I wonder why you came and I hope to get to know you better.

To the veterans - You guys are the best flist!!! Thanks for all your support, conversation and great feedback over the past year.

To My Betas - You're a great group and I thank you so much for helping me get better at writing every day!
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I had to pause my DVR to squee. First It's Lorne from SGA on Supernatural Squeeee!!

Spoilers - maybe )
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It's finally really spring and i drove the Spacebug for the first time this year. Poor thing was sitting for months on the garage. I'm doing the happy dance. It is so much fun to have the bug back on the road. I love my car!

It has been a hectic week. Happy Passover to all who celebrate. I am already sick to death of Matzah. I've never really been a fan.

As for the Sequel to "Since I found Serenity", I haven't had much time to work on it but i am at 14,000 words and closing in on the end. Remind me to avoid epics in the furture, they can suck the life out of you or maybe that's just the Reavers.

I haven't forgotten the other stuff in my queue or the beta work i owe people, but time is at a premium. Work is just crazy but I will get to the other stuff soon!
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Snagged from  [personal profile] dragonsinger:
Comment on this post and say YO BABY ! I WANT TO DO THAT INTEREST MEME or something like that. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

[personal profile] dragonsinger  asked me about these seven things

1. My Kids:  Always happy to talk about my boys!  Seth  is 15 (officially on April 30th).  He's on the honor role, the soccer team and the track team.  He takes school very seriously.  Brett is 11.  He's also in honors type classes.  He plays the trumpet in the band and loves video games.  I love and adore them of course. I feel very blessed to have such great kids!

2. The Spacebug: My 1974 VW bug.  The liscense plate is SPACBUG;thus its name.- a nod to my obsession with all things SciFi.

3. British TV: I've been a Dr. Who fan since the 1970s;  Love Torchwood, MI-5, Coupling, the Sharpe Movies; too many shows from across the pond to list them all.  Our favorite late night talk show is Graham Norton.  BBC America is a must have. 

4. SFX Magazine - This is an excellent British Scifi magazine.  Along the lines of Entertainment weekly but only for SciFI movies and TV. I love the tone of the articles.  The British seem to have a real appreciation for genre TV and Movies.  Really good coverage of the type of programming that seems to be over looked in the US.  This a magazine that put SPN on the cover - EW would never do that.

5. Poker - Hubby and I were married in Vegas so gambling has always been one of our favorite past times.  I am also a junkie for poker tournaments on TV.  My favorite player is Daniel Negreanu.

6/7. Ezra Standish and Mag7 - I'm putting these two together.  The Magnificent 7 was a western on CBS and aired 22 episodes.  Ezra is the gambler and my favorite charater .  He's the guy in my Icon.  It was  a great show but like so many was cancelled before it's tme. [personal profile] lyl_devil  hooked me on the show and it now ranks among my favorites.  It is an excellent mix of drama and comedy.  Rent it - you won't be sorry!  Plus it had losts of pretty, pretty men.
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American Idol: My boy, David Cook, rocked the house. Really the best performance of the night. I want to buy his album now! I actually do not like "Billie Jean" - never been an MJ fan but Dave Cook's version - I must have that on my iPod.

So happy that the TV season is starting up again. But it is still a month until SPN returns. *sighs*

So I'll just settle for these cute brothers who fight evil crime for now. I really have write a sequel to my Numb3rs fic. I love this promo for Numb3rs snagged from [ profile] shallanelprin and had to share.

Anybody out there know if Eli Stone is being renewed? I can't take another show I love biting the dust. Haven't I paid enough with CBS' boneheaded move canceling Jericho. Must get more letters written.
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Since most of my flist likes the crossovers, I wanted to let ya'll know that the [ profile] crossover_news community is back up and running with a weekly compilation of all that is posted in the crossover world. Yours truly is one of the worker bees. Check out all the stories from all over fandom. Also, be sure to let us know about any missing communitites or stories we should know about.

I wanted to thank [ profile] clarksmuse and [ profile] idontlikegravy for their recs of my crack fic A Muse Explains It All. I am so overwhelmed with the response this story has gotten. Thank you all for your lovely comments and feedback!

The next Immortal!Dean is close to being finished. I'm 17,000 word in and its just burning a hole in my pocket. It's almost done but you never know - you've met my muse. Still i have been feeding her lots of cheese so it should be done soon.

So I need to know should I start posting the beta'd chapters now or wait until it's complete?.

[Poll #1159764]
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Hey out there. I've been absent from my own journal though I've been trying to keep up with my flist. A full weekend with the kids and just the best weather.

First a Beta request: Anyone out there a fan of Eli Stone - wrote a cross with SPN. I've had an SPN beta but I'd love for someone who knows Eli Stone to look at it too. Anyone Anyone.

Second Some real life ramblings:

My mom is moving near me from Texas and the first wave of her stuff showed up. I spent most of Saturday watching them reassemble her Piano in the new house she bought. She's officially doing the snowbird thing and will be here for most of the spring and summer before returning to Texas for the winter. I am very excited because I haven't had her close by since I went off to College.

Sunday night is the bowling league. Did great! I bowled a 203, 157 and 181. First time in a long time that I beat hubby on series. He just couldn't get it together. yay me!

I have another seminar in two weeks to prep for so I don't think I will be posting must. I am 12,000 words into the next Immortal!Dean story and it is turning epic.

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted a story but I am writing. I need to get some of the shorter things in my queue started.
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I usually don't write a review of Supernatural because my flist gets flooded and I just mill around dropping comments. But I really enjoyed this episode.

More thinky thoughts )

New banners

Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:29 pm
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I just want to send much thanks to [personal profile] kaylashay81 for my new banner and for the one for the Watcher!Abby series too! Aren't the so very pretty.

*hugs her*
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It is a good day today. I got my second issue of the Supernatural Magazine. Great pictures of everyone.

Big article with JDM about John Winchester and a poster of him in the middle - nice. Plus an article with Jared. Not much in the way of spoilers or new stuff but - lots of good pictures and it is great to see the show getting a little newsstand publicity.

In other news, my girl friend who has been hogging my first season of Supernatural for months finally returned it. Mainly, because I literally went into her house and took it back. And the kicker - she never got around to watching it. I am considering not being friends any more - just kidding but very disappointed that I could not create another convert.

Saw '27 Dresses' last night. Sweet but predictable - nothing special. I have decided that I'm really not a fan of Katherine Heigel because I didn't like Knocked Up and of course I don't watch GA for obvious reasons.
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It seems I have fallen victim to he flu that seems to be going around.  Nothing sucks more than to have two weeks off and spend most of it sleeping and feeling like crap.  Oh well at least I don't have to back to work until Wednesday.

I have parked myself in front of the TV watching the kids play their new WII. That was their big gift this year.  I love to play video games and have become pretty good at Guitar Hero (love that game) but the WII - can't do it to save my life.  My status as a cool Mom is in jeopardy. *hee*
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
To everyone on my flist

I joined LJ in May, 2007 and it has been a hellofa ride.  Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms

As always when you make a list you forget someone but I'll take that risk and know that I appreciate all of you. Just a few special thanks as the year comes to a close:

To [personal profile] kaylashay81 for encouraging me to write my first fic.

To [personal profile] idontlikegravy for being a great friend, encouraging me to join her in running my first community [community profile] hl_flashfic , for being a great beta and for dragging me into the Highlander world   - thanks also to [profile] ithidrial for  welcoming the newbie to the Highlander world.

To [profile] pen37 for my being my coauthor in my first big collaboration, for being a fantastic beta reader and for converting me to Chlean - thanks also to [profile] clarksmuse for Chlean inspiration

To [personal profile] trystan830 for great conversations, memes and pic spams and commissioning my Immortal!dean Banner

To [profile] strainconductor for making my immortal!Dean and flashfiction Icons and my other Immotal!Dean banner

To my  flist - You rock.  I want thank each of you and I look forward to much fun in 2008. Thank you for your stories,  for your conversation, for your support,  for trusting me to Beta your stories, and for friending me in the first place.


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