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[profile] ithildyn has begun posting the next story in the Charlotte and Ezra Universe - Too Young For Heaven.

Go read it!! She's done a brilliant job.

Of course this means, I actually have to start writing the next one. No pressure considering my muse has decided to take the rest of 2009 off. *sigh* Even the cheese isn't working.
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For those of you who can't get enough of the The Great Spawn Crossover AU,
[personal profile] fonapola has joined the fun and done what [profile] divas_lament and I were reluctant to attempt - tackling all five major spawn verses.

Her story is here: Universal Dumping Ground

For those Watcher!Abby fans. [personal profile] idontlikegravy has posted A Day in the Death of Tony di Nardo

Now I have to get writing myself! So many ideas so little time
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[profile] divas_lament has posted the next story about JD and Holly in our spawn AU called Throught the Looking Glass. It is hilarious and takes place 3 months after their first adventure Across the Universe.

We are currently hard at work on additional chapters as well as working on recruiting other spawn (and their authors) to join the fun
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The Holiday spawn fic are up and I am full of fail becasue I was unable to finish my story. It's about half done so I'm hoping I can get it together soon.

Check out the other Spawn fic posted today at [profile] spawnfic_tues
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As you may have noticed that I just finished posting the last chapter of Child Of My Heart. Many of you have been asking when will you see more Ezra and Charlotte. Well [profile] ithildyn, who created Charlotte, has written a short story set in the present day.

It is wonderful and hilarious. Go read it now! Charitable Impulses.

For those of you wondering if Ezra will show up in the Immortal!Dean world - sorry to disappoint. Ith has claimed Ezra for her Echoes of the Sea 'verse and I gladly handed him over. But that doesn't mean I won't be writing more Immie!Ezra because I plan to!
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I mentioned that hubby scored some free tickets to the preview of Tropic Thunder which opens on August 15th.

We thought it was hilarious!!! Four thumbs up!
To put this in perspective - we think that Dogdeball is one of the funniest movies ever but we are not fans of most of Ben Stiller's other movies.

more under the cut - Just in case of spoilers )
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Went to see Batman:The Dark Knight last night. It was good. Not great but good. The reports are true - Heath Ledger is about as perfect a Joker as one could possibly imagine.

IMHO - Ironman is still the best Superhero movie ever made - Not that it's a contest but if it was, Ironman wins.

Batman thoughts )
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Now that we’ve reached the halfway point in the summer movie season, I thought I’d share my reviews of the flicks I’ve seen so far. Thoughts about each movie are under the cut so as not to spoil anyone.

Ironman )

Wall-E )

Hancock )
Get Smart )

So there’s my first half round-up. In summary, Ironman, Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda are my top three so far.

I am looking forward to Hellboy and Batman. I am especially excited about the new Mummy flick as I have great affection for the first two.
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Well after seeing The Incredible Hulk on Friday, all I could think about was seeing Ironman again. And as if by magic we were gifted with two free tickets.

So, yes, we went to see Ironman for the 3rd time on Sunday. I am completely and totally in love with Tony Stark. (As well as the Tony Starke who plays Ezra Standish but that's another story and just makes me giggle that he has the same name.). If you haven't seen this movie, do your best to get there. I truly believe it may be the best movie based on a Comic Book ever made

I have been reading some of Ironman fic but have no plans to write my own - I have 4 different WIPs on my plate right now not to mention the Spawn fic I have yet to write for tomorrow

My favorite Ironman fic so far? Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out by [profile] ithildyn. She has been writing a series of Tony Stark fic that I just adore and captures Tony's snarky banter perfectly. She has created an OFC, Charlotte Sparrow, who is a not only an Immortal but a friend of Tony's. There are other stories about the character but it is Birdie's interaction with Tony in Ith's HL/Ironman stories that I especially recommend.

So, if you know of any Ironman fic that you can rec, please sen the links my way. It's a long time until 2010 for Ironman 2 and 2011 for The Avengers and I need my Tony!
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I don't know if I've mentioned it before but my husband is a huge comic book collector. We have over 50 of the long boxes in our basement. Seriously, I could open a used comic book shop. How many are mine - well I brought 2 of those boxes into the marriage. So yeah, I'm a comic book fan too.

In case any of this could be considered spoilers )
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As part of the Sweet Charity auction I bought a story from [profile] spastic_visions. She wrote me the most wonderful story. It is a Pushing Daisies/Psych crossover called Walking Dead Girl. Go read it and show her some love.

Thanks Again, [profile] spastic_visions! I loved it.
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The family got to see a sneak preview of the New Ironman Movie last night. Guess it pays to collect comic books and have an in for free tickets. It was a great way to celebrate Seth's 15th birthday!

No spoilers just a big huge positive recommendation.

The move was terrific and Robert Downey, Jr. was perfect, I mean perfect, as Ironman. They basically got everything right; from Tony's snarkiness to the way the suit looks and works.

We all loved it!!!
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How much do I love this show! "Hell House" was one of my favorites from season one and it was a hoot to see Ed and Harry again.

Cut for Spoilers )

Second Supernatural Comic Series: Rising Son )
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As some of you know, I was very angry with Abby's behavior in last weeks episode "Dog Tags". I felt she was unkind and down right cruel to McGee. Basically I found that Abby was completely OCC in that episode. I vented this frustration on several NCIS episode discussion threads.

Well,[personal profile] nakeisha agreed and wrote me a wonderful epilogue to the episode that I just love. In her story Facts Of Life she fixes Abby and sets the NCIS world spinning right again for my favorite character. Go read it!

Thanks again, [personal profile] nakeisha!!
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I spent today mainlining Jericho DVDs. OMG this is an awesome show. I am so glad I decided to start watching. The only problem is I can't stop! Oh well, I am a TV addict after all.

Cut in case I'm spoiling anyone )
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Feeling like rec'ing some stuff. Go and enjoy.

1) To the Devil a Vacuum Cleaner by [personal profile] idontlikegravy: Methos and Duncan deal with a possessed vacuum cleaner. This is hilariously good silliness. I must say I love the way her mind works. It is her first SPN/HL cross but you don't need to be a HL fan to enjoy it.

2) Physics of the Spin by [personal profile] mhalachai: GG/SGA crossover. What if Rory Gilmore were Rodney Mackay's daughter? This is just a great story. Her Rory is someone you really like and want to succeed. It's still in progress.

3) Of Hunters and Reporters by [profile] clarksmuse: SPN/SV but it's Chloe and Jo. They are roommates and a kick ass team. The boys show up later but the first chapters are all about the girls. Still in progress

4) Doll!Dean Series by [profile] kellifer_fic: Great crack fic. Dean is turned into a Doll. There are three stories which are really a series of drabbles. My kids love this series, too. When she called for prompts, the kids offered some suggestions and she was sweet enough to use their ideas for some of the drabbles. The kids were thrilled and the stories are hilarious.

So go and show some love. Feedback is a wonderful thing. I'm sure there are more I could recommend. I really should keep a better list. :)
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Hey all you Immortal!Dean Universe fans, [profile] pen37 has written the next Chapter in her Chloe and the Immortals Series which takes place in the same universe as the Immortal!Dean series.

Her story A Kiss Is Just A Kiss takes place after the Immortal!Dean stories Nobody's Girl & Then I Crashed Into You.

It is a great addition to the series go and enjoy!
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[personal profile] idontlikegravy has post the sequel to Abby and The Immortal in her Live journal called Educating Abby

More to come between our intrepid Immortal and the Goth Forensic Scientist plus Corgies! So stay tuned!
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I just read the most hilarious Supernatural-Pushing Daisies story by [profile] trolllogicfics called Baking for the Dead.

She captures the style of the Pushing Daisies world perfectly. Who better than Ned to help Dean out of his demon deal. Enjoy!
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I am a huge Broadway musical fan.  So I was very excited about Sweeny Todd being made into a movie as it is one of my favorites.  We saw the movie on Christmas day and it was brilliant.



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