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In Birmingham, after a bit of a delay. It wasn't fun getting in so late last night and I really appreciate all the airport sympathy. Traveling can be so frustrating sometimes.

I watched American idol and now I'm wondering why they even bothered to have them sing again because the ones they put through were obviously decided before they ever took the stage. I hate the new format and when I think that David Cook most likely would not have made it through, let alone win if he'd been subjected to this format, it makes me crazy.

spoiler thoughts )You know what I'm so disappointed with the competition so far I don't even have the energy for a significant rant. *sighs*

So I need something to make me giggle and Ith supplied it. It turns out that with a little coding you can turn anyones user name into something else.

For example I, [personal profile] strangevisitor7 can really become [ profile] strangevisitor7

Then [personal profile] egorstandish becomes [ profile] egorstandish and [personal profile] conjured_1 becomes [ profile] conjured_1.

Thanks for showing how to do this [profile] ithildyn; otherwise known as [ profile] ithildyn.

You can play too. Just replace the '[' with '<' and fill in the person's username and what you want to call them
[lj user="username" title="example"]

I did it!

Dec. 5th, 2008 09:06 pm
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I took the plunge and bought a permanent account!! Now I have 195 Icon spots and only 108 are filled. Time to go Icon searching. Any bets as to how long before I'm begging for more spots.


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:09 pm
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Did my duty and voted. No lines at all - I couldn't believe it. The entire thing took fifteen minutes. Now the suspense is killing me!

Democracy rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So very happy because [personal profile] scrollgirl made this nifty Dean and Ezra Icon.
Yay! Look at it the Poker game is about to start!

I am home alone tonight and was wondering what everyone was up too!

So What's New!!

I'll even bring the pretty to start the conversation.

Random pretty boy pic spam under the cut. )
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Just finished watching episode two of The Sarah Conner Chronicles and while I'm still deciding if I like the show there was one thing that I just found it so humorous.

The Conner's new identities are from Lawrence, Kansas. Bad Choice. Don't they know about all the strange and bad things that happen to people from Kansas. Really don't they already have enough problems.
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Found by way of [profile] derry667 and [profile] saritajuanita

Proof that Dean is really Batman!

Or maybe Batman wishes he were Dean :)
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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Off to visit visit my sister and her family.  Her ankle is doing better and she is hobbling around. Can't wait to see her. Back on Monday.
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I usually don't post my thoughts. I just go around and comment on everyone else's but just had to say Jared Padelecki BWAHHH!

Spoilery thoughts here )
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I just had to be a fan girl about Supernatural Thursday. SQUEEEE!
Also, I want to wish [ profile] strainconductor
Happy Birthday!!!!
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I know I said I was done with Ficathons after the difficult time I had with my NCIS/CSI from [profile] crimecrossover and I didn't even get a return fic *pouts*

But I am all about Higlander, so I am pimping:

The Highlander Secret Santa Exchange Sign up is officially open. Yes, I signed up. They are accepting crossover requests but they have to be set in the Higlander 'verse.

Go participate and spread the Highlander love.

Sign ups close October 10th.
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Thanks to my flist for sharing my pain. There is good news - the new DVR is installed and the cable is back so SPN will be waiting when I get home. *happy dance*

Of course the bad news is all the memory could not be transfered. So it looks like I will be spending lots of money on itunes. *adds costs* NCIS, Bones, Heroes, House, Eureka....X $1.99 = $$ but so worth it :)

Thank you all so much for the links and the reminder about itunes.
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MY DVR is busted and the cable is out. I am out of town. I will be on a plane when Superantural airs. I am Dying!!! Hubby say the guy will be there to fix the cable and give us a new DVR tomorrow.

But it gets worse everything hubby DVR'd since Monday - Heroes, Bones, House, NCIS and more is gone. NCIS - crying now. The Erueka season finale - Arggh!

At least I've alreay had a friend volunteer to tape Superantural if the cable is still out.

The TV addict is not happy
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I love premier week! Some spoilers ahead. Odd ramblings of a TV addict.

Cut for spoilers )
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So, I'm home sick as a dog today. Even called off work which I never do. As I sat on my couch feeling like crap, what should arrive at my door step but the best medicine. Not only did my season 2 of Supernatural arrive but (as promised by my mom) 6 seasons of Highlander. I am in DVD heaven.I have been having the best day after all. *looks at icon* those two can sure perk girl up.
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My life has been so hectic these past weeks. Working 3rd shift, in Delaware and now in Birmingham, again. I have lost track of time and dates. But not today.

So, I sit here getting ready to fly to Atlanta. It seems so odd to be getting on a plane today. I've never seen an airport so empty and it seems my connection through Atlanta is on time. That may be a first.

When I realized I'd be flying on Sept 11th I felt a pang. Should I do this? Was it in some way disrespectful?

I realize for some the world will never be the same and my heart goes out to them. In the end, I decided it was a positive statement to fly on this day and I am glad that I am.
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So excited - I love TV in the fall. A bunch of new shows and my favorites are back. whoo hoo!
Some Important dates:
On 9/9 BBC America starts showing Torchwood. So happy!
On 9/15 a new Highlander Movie - Highlander:The Source (Well,its new for me)on Sci Fi.
On 10/4 New Supernatural. Can not contain my glee.
Other favorites returning soon are Stargate:Atlantis, NCIS, Bones & Heroes.

On the new show front a few look good:
Chuck (yeah, Adam Baldwin has a new show)
Journeyman(redo quantum leap)
Bionic woman (redo)
Moonlight (redo Angel)

Guess there really are no new ideas but this season is a SciFi geeks dreamland. My TV addict personality returns. I love TV! I admit it happily.

So what shows are you waiting to return and which new ones look good? Just curious
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[personal profile] idontlikegravy and I have created a Flash Fiction Community for Highlander.

We are very excited about [community profile] hl_flashfic. It is a challenge community based on the [community profile] ncis_flashfic community. (Thank you [personal profile] crimsonquills and crew)

We hope that you will all dive headlong into writing, reading, and suggesting future challenges. This community will be open to all types of fic.

We would be so grateful if you could help publicize this community! If you know of communities where we should post our announcement, please let us know. Also, we would appreciate any entires in your personal journals informing the Highlander world of our little community.

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So, I think I have mentioned before that my Mom reads everything I write and It's great to have my no. fan on board. I often bounce ideas off her and started writing the NCIS stuff for her - Its her favorite show.

So here is the conversation we just had.

Me: I have to write 94 more Duncan MacLeod stories and Blockbusteronline hasn't been sending me HL disks.
MOM: Don't you own them?
Me: No and I am stuck on season four.
MOM: Why don't you just buy them?
Me:Too expensive.
MOM:Well, it was your birthday two weeks ago and you never told me what you wanted.
Me: Laughing Ok, I want all the HL seasons
MOM:Here's my credit card number go buy them all.
Me: Did you say all?

That's right she said all! So I asked her what she wanted. I offered to write her an NCIS story. But, I had told her that [profile] strainconductor asked for a "Singing in the rain" Story. Mom loves this idea and insisted I write it. Now, I have two reasons to finish it. So look for Duncan to travel to Hollywood soon. Meanwhile, I am on my way to

Whoo Hoo :-D
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[profile] sierraphoenix you are truly inspirational. I really appreciated everyone who contributed to that discussion about Dean's immortality and Sammy with Sarah. I literally wrote the next story in the series in 30 minutes. It was one of those sit up in bed grab the paper and write before its gone moments. I will still have to edit it but wow it was a real Eureka moment. I don't think I ever written anything that fast. I just hope it looks as good in the morning as it felt writing it down.

So, anyone else out there ever have inspiration for a story or artistic work hit so fast it made you head spin. Just curious. What did it feel like for you?
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So my Husband comes home with Guitar Hero and says he bought it for me for my Birthday. The classic husband excuse for when they want something. But you know what? This game is friggin' awesome and I can't stop playing. Going back for round two soon. So I guess hubby knows me too well. He also got me this great purse that I pointed out in a window at the Mall last week in passing. Yeah Him, he's just great that way. And on top of that It is my turn for our copy of Harry Potter! One of the best birthday weekends ever.Whoohoo!


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