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I am a terrible insomniac and to find me haunting live journal at 2am is not an unusual situation. But last night I actually went to bed before midnight. I was very happy that I did that until I woke up with the flu. See, I knew sleep was bad for you!!!

*sighs* Can someone please make the elephants stop tap dancing on my head. I'm begging you!

And now I'm off to sedar - I may not survive.
  Wishing those who celebrate a Happy Passover 

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!
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It seems I have fallen victim to he flu that seems to be going around.  Nothing sucks more than to have two weeks off and spend most of it sleeping and feeling like crap.  Oh well at least I don't have to back to work until Wednesday.

I have parked myself in front of the TV watching the kids play their new WII. That was their big gift this year.  I love to play video games and have become pretty good at Guitar Hero (love that game) but the WII - can't do it to save my life.  My status as a cool Mom is in jeopardy. *hee*
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Carol of the Supernatural by dragonfly011  is my favorite Supernatural Holiday video.  I found this last year and think it is amazing.  Enjoy!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
To everyone on my flist

I joined LJ in May, 2007 and it has been a hellofa ride.  Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms

As always when you make a list you forget someone but I'll take that risk and know that I appreciate all of you. Just a few special thanks as the year comes to a close:

To [personal profile] kaylashay81 for encouraging me to write my first fic.

To [personal profile] idontlikegravy for being a great friend, encouraging me to join her in running my first community [community profile] hl_flashfic , for being a great beta and for dragging me into the Highlander world   - thanks also to [profile] ithidrial for  welcoming the newbie to the Highlander world.

To [profile] pen37 for my being my coauthor in my first big collaboration, for being a fantastic beta reader and for converting me to Chlean - thanks also to [profile] clarksmuse for Chlean inspiration

To [personal profile] trystan830 for great conversations, memes and pic spams and commissioning my Immortal!dean Banner

To [profile] strainconductor for making my immortal!Dean and flashfiction Icons and my other Immotal!Dean banner

To my  flist - You rock.  I want thank each of you and I look forward to much fun in 2008. Thank you for your stories,  for your conversation, for your support,  for trusting me to Beta your stories, and for friending me in the first place.
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Happy Chanukah

I hope that all those celebrating have a wonderful holiday.


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