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Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:37 am
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snagged from [personal profile] trystan830

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

I only have two actual WIPs - I don't count all the stories running around in my head until they are written down.

1) “It’s not that simple Dean. I was given this,” he waved a hand distractedly at his head, “ability and it’s already saved Zoe. It’s a way to control Reavers. You know I can’t just ignore it.”

2) “You keep smiling like that,” Buck grinned as he poured Chris a drink, “and people are gonna start thinking you might be a happy man.”
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My Numb3rs story, Symmetry, has been nominated in the Gen Fanfic category at the Numb3rs Awards!

Thank you to the person who nominated my story. *hugs*
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I never do understand how my muse works sometimes. I wanted to write a quick story about how Holly ([profile] divas_lament's spawn) and JD go find Chloe in the great spawn crossover universe. Well that little story has blossomed to almost 10,000 words. I just love the Spawn but this is crazy. I seriously need to find the "epic" off switch. I long to write drabbles *snicker* Like that's ever gonna happen. Diva has beta'd most of it and it's almost done - so look for a posting sometime tomorrow.

On another note - after promising for months that I was retuning to the story of Sam, The reavers and the firefly crew, I can actually say that I have written the first 1000 words *fist pump* But knowing my muse the damn thing will be 20,000 words long before I'm done.

It feels so weird to be writing in that part of my SPN world again. See this is what happens when [profile] ithyldin is off the internet. Poor Ezra gets shoved aside for some very determined Winchester brothers.
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For those of you who can't get enough of the The Great Spawn Crossover AU,
[personal profile] fonapola has joined the fun and done what [profile] divas_lament and I were reluctant to attempt - tackling all five major spawn verses.

Her story is here: Universal Dumping Ground

For those Watcher!Abby fans. [personal profile] idontlikegravy has posted A Day in the Death of Tony di Nardo

Now I have to get writing myself! So many ideas so little time
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Back at work and trying to get into the groove after 2 weeks off. Came back to find that the Manager of Operations was fired right before Christmas. Yikes - he'd been here 10 years. Still he and the VP (my Boss and his) always butted heads - so I'm not that surprised. I am relived that my boss seems to like me. I had my annual review and it was good! *breaths sigh of relief* Still the plant is reeaallly slow (Damn Economy) and you never know...

So I guess that's why I broke down and added my name to this list - usually I'm not this needy (Hey, we all have our moments)

the fanficcers love meme, continued
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I got tagged by [profile] wizefics to list my favorite five stories of the year. Truthfully it would be easier to list the five stories I didn't like that I wrote this year. In addition, I am including the Year in Review meme.

First The Stats:
Total fics written this year:
I wrote 47 fics all but three were crossovers. You can find links to everything I've written here;

Fandoms Supernatural, Highlander, Smallville, NCIS, Firefly, and Maginificent 7 for the most part but also at least one story in Numb3rs, House, Quantum Leap and Eli Stone

Total Words: ~224,000 words. I just don’t see how I could have written that much. It makes choosing my favorites that much harder.

Top Five Favorites Meme )

So tagging some on on my flist. [profile] pen37, [profile] divas_lament, [personal profile] idontlikegravy, [personal profile] fonapola, [personal profile] dharkapparition and [personal profile] lyl_devil. Participate if you want too!

Some more questions to answer about my writing this year.
The Written Year in Review Meme )

Thank you to everyone who has read one of my stories. Thank you for all your support and your feedback.

I have the most amazing Flist - You guys are the greatest!! *hugs you all*

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I'm looking at a very empty writing queue right now - lots of plot bunnies but nothing really concrete. Not sure what I might write next.

So I nicked this Meme from [profile] spastic_visions

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be?

Not making any promises but you never know what the muse will embrace.
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All the Highlander fans on my flist need to head over and read the stories being posted at [community profile] hlh_shortcuts. The ficathon began posting a couple of days ago and the authors will be revealed next week. There will be three new stories a day for ten days. Go enjoy and comment!! See if you can figure out which one is mine. I'll give you a hint - It's not a crossover (I know I can hardly believe it myself)

A special treat for all you Charlotte and Ezra fans out there; [profile] ithildyn has started posting a new story A Quarter For Your Shoe.

For time line purposes it take place before Chapter two of
Child of My Heart; but can definitely stand a lone as a tale of one shared Christmas between Charlotte and Young Ezra. GO read now! It's a wonderful Story
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Hey out there. Been a bit off the grid these days. The Muse has been cooperative but I think weaning her off the speed. It has been detrimental because my out put has been down. She wants to write but just hasn't had the energy lately.

Still, the good news is I finished my story for the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts. Halfway through a new Chlean story and the Spawn Apocalypse is still underway though I haven't made any progress lately.

The TV Addict talks Heroes )

Big Bang Theory )

Bones )

Canceled shows - ABC breaks my heart )
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As you may have noticed that I just finished posting the last chapter of Child Of My Heart. Many of you have been asking when will you see more Ezra and Charlotte. Well [profile] ithildyn, who created Charlotte, has written a short story set in the present day.

It is wonderful and hilarious. Go read it now! Charitable Impulses.

For those of you wondering if Ezra will show up in the Immortal!Dean world - sorry to disappoint. Ith has claimed Ezra for her Echoes of the Sea 'verse and I gladly handed him over. But that doesn't mean I won't be writing more Immie!Ezra because I plan to!
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Back home from Alabama. It was a great trip - not because of work but because I wrote like a demon. Whoo hoo!

6,000 word into my next HL/Mag7 story. This story is all [profile] ithildyn's fault. She created this wonderful Immortal OC named Charlotte. In Charlotte's bio she had her living in New Mexico in the 1860's. So naturally I teased her that Charlotte has to know the Mag7 boys. And on top of that Ezra was very demanding that he get to be an Immortal - so voila new story. Which she has insisted I should write, so i did. Did I mention she is a sneaky woman who feeds my muse too much Cheese? I hope to start posting this soon.

In other writing news, Immie Dean and the firefly crew have started talking again. Doin the happy dance that the last arc of 'Since I found Serenity' is underway!! So sorry that it has taken me so long to pick that story back up.

Also I haven't forgotten about JD and the spawn Apocalypse - that is still in the queue.

It seems that with the return of my power - my muse has come back from vacation.

Still catching up on LJ but I finally feel like I'm getting back into the groove!
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Snagged [personal profile] idontlikegravy

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories and look for patterns. I included links to the stories for those curious where the line came from.

So here's the summary. 18/20 first lines included a character name and only one story - Ghost Town - did not include people at all. Only two started with dialog.

Since this was the summer of the Spawn fic challenge - 11 of them are about JD Winchester. Seems I written more stories about him than any other character this summer.

I had been worried because I was feeling like my muse had left and I hadn't written much lately. I look at this list and see that isn't true. All 20 stores were written since May!!! Holy crap that's a lot of stories in 3 months. Feeling much better about my Muse.

The last 20 stories. Watch out for Spawn! )
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Hey out there. Sitting in the airport on my way to Alabama for my monthly check in with the plant in Birmingham. Flight is delayed - of course. I really hate flying through Atlanta and yet I continue to do it.

I will be be sitting alone in a hotel room all night tonight. Hoping many of you will be around so I don't lose my mind!

I'm cutting it close on this week's spawn fic but I always seem to be inspired on airplanes. I think my muse likes the peanuts. She's been a little uncooperative lately.

But the good news on the writing front is the next Watcher!Abby story is at the beta. I've been neglecting poor Abby and I hope this means she'll be yakking at me more.

Halfway through a new highlander fic - Methos centric - yep when everyone else shuts up you can count on Methos to snark at you.

As for the ficathons update:
The numb3rs story was posted and I won't be signing up for that community again

The WTficathon story is almost done. It came together in an unexpected way and I'm writing House - never done that before. It's due Aug 22nd so I should make that.

After swearing off ficathons I signed up for the Mag7 one - come on how could I resist. I have an idea so it shouldn't be a problem.

Now if JD and Mule would just cooperate and tell me what mischief they are up to - I could write my spawn fic.
Wanted to share - [profile] sweeteen_200 made these excellent Icons of my Spawn. *hugs* to her!!

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Next time you hear me even mention I might want to sign up for a ficthon - Please smack me. I don't know why I do this. I get these weird assignments and then I have no idea what to write.

The exception to my ficathon misery was the was the kick-ass highlander holiday ficathon. The memory of that great experience has blinded me to the realities of ficathon assignments.

I've decided I need to get organized: Here's a list of all the things I am writing or want to write this month! Some started - some just planned.
1) The Mag7/SPN crossover sequel to "Ghost Town" - 16,000+ words and closing in on the end!WooHoo!

2) The SPN/FF/HL/SV - Immortal!Dean in space sequel to "Into The Coming Storm" is plotted and since everyone keeps asking - Yes - Methos will be in it and Dean will not be happy.

3) Next Watcher!Abby - Gibbs is investigating Richie - about halfway done.

4) Richie and Jo - Completely plotted just have to get it out of my head. I've been meaning to write this for a long time and now i have a deadline. Thanks [personal profile] dragonsinger Yay!

5) I know there's at least one more thing I've promised - help me out here. And no there will not be a MacGyver/SPN sequel for sometime. Sorry guys.

So yeah - The ficathons:
1) A Numb3rs story about the Eppes brothers all three prompts want Wee!Eppes. Hopefully all my Spawn fic will help with this one but I've written exactly one Numb3rs story.

2) It's a crossover assignment and I only recognize 4 fandoms on her list. Firefly, Quantum leap, X-files and House. yeah good luck crossing those. Sighs - I've never defaulted so I won't give up yet. The deadline is in august!

But best of all:
The next [profile] spawnfic_tues story. Truthfully these have been some of the easiest and most fun stories I've ever written. I love this community - *HUGS* to all the other Spawn writers!

So am I a loon or what!! Wait - don't answer that.
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I was just contacted by a fanzine that wants to put my Mag7/SPN crossover - Ghost Town - in their publication.

I am so excited!!!! If this really happens would this make me officially a published author? I am completely unfamiliar with these types of Fanzines. Am I making too much of this? Is it really as big a deal as I'd like to think it is?

Either way I am just so thrilled that my little story is attracting that much attention.

Thanks to all of you who've read it and told me how much you enjoyed it. The sequel is past 8,000 words and counting.

*hugs everyone who ever read any of my stories* Thanks Guys!!!
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So I was planning out my next story for [profile] spawnfic_tues when I realized that naming Katie and Sam's second son Sam jr has created an annoying problem of too many Sam's. Sam Jr. agrees and wants a nickname.

So I ask you dear flist please help me find a good nickname for this child - I bring a small drabble that expresses my his frustration at being called Junior.

Edited to add: I don't know of a canon middle name for Sam Winchester, Sr. Anybody out there know if Kripke gave him one?

Don't Call Me Junior

“That’s it I’ve had it!” thirteen year-old Sam Jr. exclaimed as he stormed into the kitchen.

Katie frowned at her second son. “Sammy what’s wrong?”

“It’s my name,” he groused. “I hate it.”

“Why?” she asked though she had her suspicions.

“It’s always Junior or little Sam or Sammy. I want my own identity.”

She nodded sympathetically. It had always been a sore point with him but she’d never seen him this upset about it. “What did you have in mind?”

Sam shrugged.

Katie smiled and couldn’t help herself. “Well, we could always call you Indiana.”

“Not funny, Mom!”
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Friday will mark my one year Anniversary on Live Journal. I thought of this as 4 new people friended me yesterday - shooting the number of people who have done that past 100.

I am just in awe and feeling a little sentimental because last May I was a lurker. Someone who read other people's stories and never commented or left any sign I was around. Then on May 30th 2007, I got myself a journal, delurked and everything changed.

On June 6th, I posted my first story ever and I mean ever: 4 Times Dean Got Fired and 1 Time He Quit. It was a simple effort and I thought that was it for writing but like a lays potato chip - I couldn't write just one [g].

Looking back through my archive, I was surprised to see that the second story I ever wrote was Red Tape, the first story in the Immortal!Dean series - I find it unbelievable that, that series was there right from the beginning.

So here I am a year later, completely addicted to writing and the community on LJ

*hugs you all* for a great year!

To all you new flisters - tell me about you! I wonder why you came and I hope to get to know you better.

To the veterans - You guys are the best flist!!! Thanks for all your support, conversation and great feedback over the past year.

To My Betas - You're a great group and I thank you so much for helping me get better at writing every day!
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Pillaged from [profile] ithildyn, a veeeeeery long meme. Everything you ever wanted to know about my writing and many things you didn't.

All the Questions under the Cut )
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Look at the Brilliant icon that [profile] ithidrial made for me.  Now, I will never be without Cheese for my Muse.  Thank you, Ith! *hugs*

Feeling very inspired and off to write more of my FF/SPN/HL sequel.  The story is well past 9,000 words and I'm starting Chapter 4.  Not too much longer I think!
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Warning!!!! This is pure crack. I don’t even now how to explain the premise of this story. It starts in the real world and ends in the SPN one - kind of.

Title: A Muse Explains It All
Author: [ profile] strangevisitor7
Beta: [ profile] pen37
Fandom: If you look sideways it’s a SV & SPN crossover
Characters: The Writer, The Muse, Sam and Dean Winchester – eventually. A brief glimpse of Lana. (I swear it’s minimal)

Summary: A muse explains to a fan fiction writer why some stories should not be written

A/N: This was written for [ profile] acresofhope. She made me a fantastic Sam and Katie Icon and I promised to write her body swapping Girl!Dean with a side of Lana. I really did want to write that story but my Muse got in the way. I hope she enjoys this instead.

This is what happens when I have writer's block )


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