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And we just lost power. I hope it's not for days like last time.

*Sighs* I guess I'm pulling out the pen and paper once the lap top dies.
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It's been snowing steadily since about midnight and while it's very pretty, it took me an hour to get my car out of the driveway. I get to work and two hours later they close the plant and send us home because of the level 3 snow warnings. WHoo hoo - 1/2 day off.

Now I hope my muse isn't taking the day off too. :)
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Hey guys, thanks for all the hugs and sympathy during my bout with food poinsoning. I hope I never have to go through that again. Luckily the training I had on give on Wedenesday was postponed until today - My boss was very sympathetic and let everyone know it was postponed. i don't think i could have stayed upright if I'd had to teach. Stayed home on Wednesday and slept pretty much until Thursday morning.

And a bonus to feeling better was a new Supernatural tonight.

My thoughts about SPN under the cut )
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Just me whining. I headed off to Birmingham yesterday, hoping to get a little writing done on the plane and a relaxing time in the hotel. It was not to be...I am sick as a dog. I think I had food poisoning - seriously not a happy camper Do you have any idea how not fun it is to be sick in a strange city and stuck in a hotel?

The of course I had to go to the plant today to work on my projects. Needless to say I am still feeling like crap and I think I've have downed an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol. I just needed to whine about it becasue...well I feel like crap and have to get on a plane in an hour to fly home. Not looking forward to it because I just know it wont be pleasant.

Please tell me your day is going better then mine.
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Back at work and trying to get into the groove after 2 weeks off. Came back to find that the Manager of Operations was fired right before Christmas. Yikes - he'd been here 10 years. Still he and the VP (my Boss and his) always butted heads - so I'm not that surprised. I am relived that my boss seems to like me. I had my annual review and it was good! *breaths sigh of relief* Still the plant is reeaallly slow (Damn Economy) and you never know...

So I guess that's why I broke down and added my name to this list - usually I'm not this needy (Hey, we all have our moments)

the fanficcers love meme, continued
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I got new glasses today and they were Bifocals - YUCK, I am officially old!! But at least I can see again. It will take some time to get used to looking through the correct level. Right now I feel constantly Dizzy.

I am off work until January 5th and doing nothing but vegging on the sofa, watching TV and of course writing. It may be the best Vacation ever!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!!
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It's just a fun day for me because I got my Ezra bear in the mail. See isn't he cute.

I adore him. He's wearing the outfit from the episode "Ladykillers" Purple coat, gold vest - my favorite combo. I think it's a pretty good likeness.

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So hubby needed to have his Jeep painted because the 15 yr old vehicle had rust and other assorted damage that demanded a new coat of paint. He's a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and everything in the car is already decked out that way. I had the shop paint it Steeler yellow and then bought one of those logo magnets for the door. I think it looks awesome. Hubby is lovin' it. I do enjoy making him happy and sometimes it is so easy!!!

What do you think?

And yes I'm still a Texans fan but I am surrounded by Steeler fans. I've learned to live with it. [g]
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Back home from Alabama. It was a great trip - not because of work but because I wrote like a demon. Whoo hoo!

6,000 word into my next HL/Mag7 story. This story is all [profile] ithildyn's fault. She created this wonderful Immortal OC named Charlotte. In Charlotte's bio she had her living in New Mexico in the 1860's. So naturally I teased her that Charlotte has to know the Mag7 boys. And on top of that Ezra was very demanding that he get to be an Immortal - so voila new story. Which she has insisted I should write, so i did. Did I mention she is a sneaky woman who feeds my muse too much Cheese? I hope to start posting this soon.

In other writing news, Immie Dean and the firefly crew have started talking again. Doin the happy dance that the last arc of 'Since I found Serenity' is underway!! So sorry that it has taken me so long to pick that story back up.

Also I haven't forgotten about JD and the spawn Apocalypse - that is still in the queue.

It seems that with the return of my power - my muse has come back from vacation.

Still catching up on LJ but I finally feel like I'm getting back into the groove!
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USA today reported that last week's episode of Supernatural was its largest audience since Feb 2004 - 4 million viewers. Whoo Hoo! Almost caught Smallville in the ratings.

Watched tonight's Supernatural. No spoilers just the prevailing wisdom voiced by Dian Winchester that Bobby IS AWESOME!! Love how he keeps calling the boys idjits and other names.

I will post my thought on all the new seasons later - still catching up on the new season from my week without power.

In other news, I am in Alabama on business once again. Stop by say hi - Hotel rooms can be very boring. Flying home tomorrow. I do this just about every other week. It's gets a little tedious but at least I get a lot of writing done.
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Less than fifteen minutes after Supernatural ended last night the power returned. Coincidence - I think not. After the Winchesters finished with the season premiere, they obviously came over and took out my power line gremlins. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their favorite gun toting character to take out AEP for me. It seems our TV boyfriends were quite effective *snicker*.

Hubby did a wonderful thing. Knowing how much I wanted to see the season premiere of Supernatural, he bought this gizmo for my laptop that allows it to function as a TV. So we sat around the laptop and watched SPN!! (more on that later)

Looking forward to the weekend and catching up with every thing and everyone.

*Hugs* to everyone. Thank you all for being a terrific and supportive flist. It meant a lot!!!
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So as I head into day five of no power, I am starting to get pissed. #%@$@&#!!!!

Called AEP - we are on the list for friday. FRIDAY!!! Not a happy camper. They lied about Wednesday but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. My block is the only one in the neighborhood without power - Lucky me.

But at least I will be able to watch SPN tonight. A friend with power has taken pity on me and has invited me over to watch.

And because the quote meme makes me happy, (Sorry Ith don't know Forever Knight well enough to quote) here are some others floating around the flist:

1) When you see this post, put a quote from the Buffyverse in your journal.
Xander: That's something you don't see everyday...unless you're us.

2) When you see this, post a quote from Stargate Atlantis in your journal.
Maj. John Sheppard: How's it coming, Rodney?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Slower than I expected, but faster than humanly possible.

3) When you see this, post a quote from Supernatural in your journal.
Sam: I don't understand, Dean. We burned the damn thing.
Dean: Yeah, thank you, Captain Obvious.

4) And because I am being held hostage by the power company - I'm starting a new one with a quote that seems appropriate.
When you see this, post a quote from Magnificent 7 in your journal.
Ezra: Now that we are rid of that loathsome curmudgeon you can effect my emancipation.
JD: Huh?
Ezra: Let me Out!!!

Please someone call the Winchesters or the Mag7 boys and tell them to shoot the power company or something. Maybe Chris Larabee can glare them into submission or Dean can exorcise the gremlins infecting my power lines. Or maybe I need Rodney McKay right now - he'd have had my power back in 15 minutes!

Rant Over!

Aug. 12th, 2008 10:38 pm
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Me again but it's the Happy happy joy joy me!! I have changed hotels and its being comped so it all worked out.

I'm feeling much better! Thanks to everyone for their supportive words during my misery. It really helped to rant here so I could be calm with the hotel manager.

Hey Ith - I even got Yahoo to download so you know what to do!!
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Hey out there. Sitting in the airport on my way to Alabama for my monthly check in with the plant in Birmingham. Flight is delayed - of course. I really hate flying through Atlanta and yet I continue to do it.

I will be be sitting alone in a hotel room all night tonight. Hoping many of you will be around so I don't lose my mind!

I'm cutting it close on this week's spawn fic but I always seem to be inspired on airplanes. I think my muse likes the peanuts. She's been a little uncooperative lately.

But the good news on the writing front is the next Watcher!Abby story is at the beta. I've been neglecting poor Abby and I hope this means she'll be yakking at me more.

Halfway through a new highlander fic - Methos centric - yep when everyone else shuts up you can count on Methos to snark at you.

As for the ficathons update:
The numb3rs story was posted and I won't be signing up for that community again

The WTficathon story is almost done. It came together in an unexpected way and I'm writing House - never done that before. It's due Aug 22nd so I should make that.

After swearing off ficathons I signed up for the Mag7 one - come on how could I resist. I have an idea so it shouldn't be a problem.

Now if JD and Mule would just cooperate and tell me what mischief they are up to - I could write my spawn fic.
Wanted to share - [profile] sweeteen_200 made these excellent Icons of my Spawn. *hugs* to her!!

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I just want to put a massive thank you out there to my wonderful Flist. It has been just the best birthday. I have enjoyed the well wishes and the Pictures, Manips and Icons people have made for me. So many wonderful things and I am so grateful.

A special thank you to [personal profile] idontlikegravy who has rewritten the Highlander episode Archangel for me - We all know Richie lives, she just made it official

You guys rock - This has been a wonderful birthday THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

On the RL side - We had Cake!!! Your basic sheet cake with the too sweet icing that I adore.

My kids & hubby got me one of those Picture frames that you can put a memory card in and have a continuous side show - and this one plays MP3s at the same time - very cool.

But Hubby did the best thing - We are huge NFL fans - I am Houston Texans fan but the rest of the family is Pittsburgh Steelers fans.(I forgive them) Turns out the Texans are playing the Steelers in Pittsburgh on opening weekend. Hubby bought 50 yard line, 4th row tickets - And a Houston Texans jersey for me. I've never seen the Texans play live and I so excited.

In case you wondering its a 4 hour drive - so road trip!!!

And last of all Hubby scored free tickets to see Tropic Thunder tomorrow at a preview showing.

So just one of the best birthdays ever

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It's finally really spring and i drove the Spacebug for the first time this year. Poor thing was sitting for months on the garage. I'm doing the happy dance. It is so much fun to have the bug back on the road. I love my car!

It has been a hectic week. Happy Passover to all who celebrate. I am already sick to death of Matzah. I've never really been a fan.

As for the Sequel to "Since I found Serenity", I haven't had much time to work on it but i am at 14,000 words and closing in on the end. Remind me to avoid epics in the furture, they can suck the life out of you or maybe that's just the Reavers.

I haven't forgotten the other stuff in my queue or the beta work i owe people, but time is at a premium. Work is just crazy but I will get to the other stuff soon!
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Hey out there. I've been absent from my own journal though I've been trying to keep up with my flist. A full weekend with the kids and just the best weather.

First a Beta request: Anyone out there a fan of Eli Stone - wrote a cross with SPN. I've had an SPN beta but I'd love for someone who knows Eli Stone to look at it too. Anyone Anyone.

Second Some real life ramblings:

My mom is moving near me from Texas and the first wave of her stuff showed up. I spent most of Saturday watching them reassemble her Piano in the new house she bought. She's officially doing the snowbird thing and will be here for most of the spring and summer before returning to Texas for the winter. I am very excited because I haven't had her close by since I went off to College.

Sunday night is the bowling league. Did great! I bowled a 203, 157 and 181. First time in a long time that I beat hubby on series. He just couldn't get it together. yay me!

I have another seminar in two weeks to prep for so I don't think I will be posting must. I am 12,000 words into the next Immortal!Dean story and it is turning epic.

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted a story but I am writing. I need to get some of the shorter things in my queue started.


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