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I mentioned to [personal profile] egorstandish and the rest of my bunker/gutter happy fun crew (you know who you are) how much I love the Sharpe Movies and Richard Sharpe played by Sean Bean. She'd never heard of him - so I promised a pic spam to illustrate exactly why Sharpe is worth watching.
The movies are based on the excellent books by Bernard Cornwell.


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Snagged from [personal profile] tygermama Post pictures of 20 guys you lust after and I have to do this because I can never post enough pictures of hot guys.

In no particular order my 20 favorites

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I have been doing a lot of screen capture work for Mag 7 and I was chatting with [personal profile] conjured_1 and [personal profile] egorstandish over all the Ezra shots I've captured. So with their encouragement, (it's all their fault really) I bring you lots of pretty Ezra from the 4 episodes I've capped so far.

Starting with [personal profile] egorstandish's favorite:

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In anticipation of the Episode discussion on [community profile] 7men1destiny tomorrow a little pic spam from "One Day Out West". Please credit if you take - and the entire set of 305 screen captures can be found on my LJ Here

Edited: I just noticed that 14 caps didn't get uploaded correctly - I will fix that tonight - they are on the home computer.

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[personal profile] scrollgirl was lamenting the fact that there were not a lot of Mag7 screen captures of good quality around. So I thought I'd try my hand at it hoping she'd make more terrific Mag 7 Icons.

Don't ask me why but I started with "The New Law". You can find all of them in my gallery and feel free to take if you like them - just let me know. The New Law - Screen Caps

I may try another episode if people are interested.

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So very happy because [personal profile] scrollgirl made this nifty Dean and Ezra Icon.
Yay! Look at it the Poker game is about to start!

I am home alone tonight and was wondering what everyone was up too!

So What's New!!

I'll even bring the pretty to start the conversation.

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[profile] clarksmuse has been trying to turn me into a Sammy girl.  I have resisted but then i saw this picture.

As they say resistance is futile.  Now I need someone to take a Picture of Sam and combine it with this picture of  my OFC Katie Collins to make an Icon - Any volunteers?  Name your price



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