Mar. 31st, 2009

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[profile] ithildyn and I have been writing a series of stories we call 'Aces Immortal', about Ezra Standish and his Immortal journey and how this effects his relationship with the other six. You will find all the OW stories in the series listed in this post.

For Best Gen Series

A Quarter for Your Shoe by [profile] ithildyn: All ten year old Ezra wants for Christmas is his mother, and Charlotte does her best to make up for his mother's absence

Child Of My Heart by [personal profile] strangevisitor7: Charlotte Sparrow receives a visit from her former student Maude Standish who has a young boy in tow. This story follows Ezra's journey from a child to Lawman in Four Corners.

Sage Advice by [personal profile] strangevisitor7: Buck offers JD some advice about women.

The Truth Is Immortal by [personal profile] strangevisitor7: During a gunfight Chris is hurt trying to protect Ezra. Ezra is torn between telling the others about his Immortality and leaving town to prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

When We're From Sorrow Free by [profile] ithildyn: Their secret has been revealed, but is Ezra ready to accept the consequences?

We'll Sing On by [profile] ithildyn: Chris looks to mend some fences with Ezra and Charlotte

No Place For A Lady by [profile] ithildyn: Ezra's friends are no help when he tries to convince his cousin that a saloon is no place for a lady.

Too Young For Heaven by [profile] ithildyn WIP: There are times when the only way to escape the dark, and the demons that haunt you, is to have friends who refuse to let you fall. Set after "Obsession"

Man of the family [profile] ithildyn: Even if it means a shotgun wedding, Ezra is determined that Chris do right by Charlotte. But the truth of the situation can often be the opposite of what you believe.

Each Must Know His Part by [personal profile] strangevisitor7: An unexpected visitor to Four Corners, forces the men to come to terms with Ezra and Charlotte's Immortality


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