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Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Ohio, United States of America
Website:My Live Journal
My main Journal is over on Live Journal - that's the best place to find me:
I am a huge Scifi/Fantasy Fan And self professed TV addict. If there are spaceships or monsters or magical lands, count me in. I blame Stargate for my obsession with Fan Fiction followed closely by Buffy and Stargate:Atlantis but now I've settled on Supernatural. This show absolutely owns me. I am convinced the best writers today are on LJ not in the book stores. My newest obsessions are Highlander and Magnificent Seven. How did I miss these shows when they originally aired?

Also, love British TV and entertainment. Dr.Who, Torchwood, Life on Mars, MI-5... Eddie Izzard is the best comedian ever and SFX is my favorite magazine.

I love meeting new people. So feel free to friend me if you like, but drop me a message - I'm always curious to know who you are and why you came! I will definitely friend you back if you introduce yourself first.

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