Thanksgiving has come early

Oct. 20th, 2017 04:28 pm
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Yesterday morning, GK and I lugged ALL the boxes of books in from the little shed. My porch is a sea of brown cardboard boxes; I am endeavoring to get them on to my shelves, damn any kind of order save whatever they may have been in in the box.

OMG. I foresee donating a lot of duplicates to the ASFS* auction next spring--but that's okay. I can't begin to express how joyful I've been feeling since I began opening boxes. The shed thieves, whatever they may have gotten, did NOT make off this point, I can't think of much I haven't seen yet. I can account for 95% of the things I've been frazzled about, and I think I saw some of the titles it was shelved near in a box I just opened. (I had to stop because my back was spasming. That's okay. I'm in here, with a stack of four books to read, mentally rubbing my hands together and gloating about what I'll read next.)

There are a helluva lot of shabby paperbacks...because I've read so many of them multiple times (and they probably weren't new to begin with). There are also a surprising number of coffee-table type books. My selection of volumes on plagues and epidemics arrived unscathed, as did an embarrassingly large block of juvenalia Some of it is Scholastic Book Club vintage...don't judge. I clapped when I unearthed Mary O'Hara and Maeve Binchy (but which do I reread first, Thunderhead or Scarlet Feather? The Secret of the Elms was nestled in beside The Catch Trap--talk about strange bedfellows!--but I was thrilled to see them both.

At this point, I think I'm about 60% unpacked, and I'm starting to wonder if they'll all fit on the shelves. I need to have to shift things around. I have one set of shelves that are fixed--can't be adjusted--which have room for tall stuff. The other four bookcases have holes for pegs, and it so happens I've got a couple extra shelves that GK got via roadside salvage. If I can make room for the tall books on the first bookcase, I should be able to adjust the shelves and arrange the PBs, TPBs and smaller hardcovers on the others.

Far from being daunted, my bookish OCD is looking forward to getting ALL the Anne McCaffrey in one place. Wondering if the HC and PB Dick Francis will fit on the same shelf. Looking forward to alphabetizing the non-series fiction and perhaps arranging the non fiction by the Dewey decimal system. *happy sigh*

Had a nice visit with Lambie Pie--I didn't see a lot of her. GK and I met her at the airport, then I didn't see her until the following week. She flew up to Colorado Springs to see Doc Bizarre and family, and GK rented a car to go pick her up. I went along for the ride, which was glorious. The weather was perfect, clear and not too warm. (Lambie groused about being cold the whole time--and I thought I was a delicate Southern blossom!)

The trip took us through Mora County, which has rolling hills with grass gone yellow at this time of year. Being a Louis L'Amour fan, I recalled that Mora was where the Sackett brothers settled (Remember Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck in the movies?!), so I was quite keen to scope out the terrain. No stops, though!

Colorado Springs is a bustling city, with the Rocky Mountains rising up at the edge of town the way the Sandias do here. It was Doc and the Mrs's anniversary--9 years, WOW--so they went out for dinner and a movie while GK and Lambie took the girls to the nearest mall for the evening. I stayed at the hotel trying to figure out the remote for the TV.

In the morning, we detoured by way of the Garden of the Gods, which is a public park--not a national park; it was gifted to the city in perpetuity as long as it remains accessible to the people FOR FREE. It's got some spectacular rock formations, including one called the Kissing Camels--do a Google image search and add the place to your bucket list--it's worth it!

The drive back was fairly uneventful. Lambie Pie, who can fall asleep the second her ass hits the seat, was zonked out in the backseat most of the way. I dozed for about 15 minutes (according to GK), because it was one of those mornings that came WAY too early. We didn't take the exact same route back--we detoured down the Turquoise Trail to Madrid, which used to be a coal mining town and is now a boutique tourist trap. We had dinner there--I had brisket!--and got in around sundown.

On Wednesday, we drove up the back side of the mountains to the crest of the Sandias, which has truly epic views. The weather was good for that, too. On the way back, we saw some mule deer! They weren't even fazed when we stopped the car to stare at them.

At the base of the mountain is the Tinkertown Museum, which is astonishing. It's a rambling building built by an eccentric gentleman who filled it with home-built dioramas juxtaposed with crazy collections. There's a sign that says "This is what we did while you were watching TV". When I say diorama, I'm not talking about the kind they made us build in shoeboxes, either. Think a Western town in a space two feet deep, three feet high and about fifteen feet long. Of a scene of Heaven vs Hell (That was only about five feet wide) opposite a display of several shelves crammed with wedding cake toppers. Very strange. Google it.

GK and Lambie spent the rest of Lambie's visit driving to the Grand Canyon, then Las Vegas (the one in Nevada, not the one in New Mexico). She flew back to Florida from there, and GK drove the rental car back here. She still had enough energy to help me yesterday--she did all the heavy lifting--and on Sunday we have an engagement for the theater. She and Lambie were supposed to go, but Lambie was afraid she'd sleep through the play. So GK switched the date of the tickets, which means I get to see The Addams Family. I'm very much looking forward to it!

Also--saw Dunkirk yesterday. It was gut-wrenching and intense and at places, I sobbed. Be advised.

I think we're all caught up!

* Albuquerque Science Fiction Society


Happy Durin's Day!

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:58 pm
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According to the Encyclopedia of Arda, today is Durin's Day.

i don't usually post here...

Oct. 13th, 2017 05:55 pm
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... but I wanted to talk to 'somebody', so here it is. I love Hallowe'en, and every year on the Mag7 Daybook community I run a prompt fest to celebrate.  Usually it's a lot of fun.  I love picking out the pictures for the encouragement posts, love posting my own prompts, just a lot of fun all around.

This year... I'm experiencing doubts this year, maybe a small bout of survivor's guilt. There've been wildfires all up and down the NA Rockies into Canada as well as Washington, Idaho, MT, and OR.  Then we had Harvey, Irma, Marie, and Jose in quick succession, and then Nate, which hit my own area a couple weeks ago.  Then the LV shootings.  Then the Napa/ wine country fires that spread so quickly and have already killed 31 people, with 400 MIA.  And a large part of me is going "Should I really do this celebration this year?  We've already had REAL nightmares and scary things aplenty, so much so, do we really have anything to *celebrate*?"

I'm not sure of the answer there.  What I do know is, I feel a bit odd this year.  I think the Hallowe'en prompt fest has become an institution and I'm loathe to just stop it for those who look forward to it as I do, and yet.... It's always 'And yet...' 

And I just figured out one of the major signs that I'm feeling stressed about the current troubles is that I haven't turned on the tv for at least a week.  Not even to binge-watch DVDs, of which I have a back-log almost as long as my To Be Read pile is high.  I find myself remembering Matthew Shepherd, and just going UGH.

And that's today's post.


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