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One more time - because Icons are fun!!!
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[personal profile] pezgirl7 asked about these:

This is the oldest icon on my journal. When I started reading fanfic, I was all about Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. I wrote exactly one SG-1 fic before Supernatural took over my muse. But I still read a lot of Atlantis fics and I am a sucker for any SGA crossovers (always looking for recs). I do not forgive ScyFy (or what ever the hell that dumb ass channel is calling itself theses days) for canceling it

Quantum Leap is the first fandom I can remember ever joining a fan club for - this was way back when club newsletters were printed in someone's basement and mailed to you. My first big mulitchapter story was a QL/SPN cross. Scott Backula will always be Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell will always be Al (he is not a cylon!)

I have a love hate relationship with Smallville. I love Chloe Sullivan and I hate (with the heat of a thousand burning suns) Lana Lang. I think this icon pretty much captures that feeling. Before I go on a 5 paragraph rant about what a Mary Sue Lana is and how happy I am she's gone - I'll just stop now

This amazing manipulation is of Ezra Standish and his cousin Charlotte Sparrow made by the very talented [personal profile] jinxed_wood especially for [profile] ithildyn and the Aces Immortal series that we are writing.

Ezra Standish - I have 19 icons with Ezra on them. (And only 16 of Dean - when did that happen?) Anyway, I love this icon by [personal profile] bookaddict43 becasue he's looking down and the color makes him almost glow. The pic is from a great scene in "Vendetta" but the icon captures a vulnerability that I love about Ezra. If you really don't know why I love Ezra then read below where I answer Ith's five things meme.

Way back when, I commented on a "Five Things" meme from [profile] ithildyn - I finally remembered to answer her prompts.

Perfect evening with your hubby - I love going to dinner and a movie. We do it all the time and I always enjoy the time together. The movie theaters that have the big love seats are fantastic. I know it sounds cliche but I really just love cuddling up next to him and enjoying the movie.

Crackiest SPN crossover you've ever been tempted to write -Isn't my 60,000 word epic adventure that crosses SPN/HL/SV/Firefly with a dash of Mag7 cracky enough? Well, I am actually writing that... So the crackiest thing I never wrote would have to be the one time I tried to send the Winchesters back to the old west to meet the Mag7 boys. I was going to have them stop the tragedy that led to my story Ghost Town. When, after 1000 words, I realized that I would unravel the space time continuum of my own fic, I smacked myself back to sensibility. So no time traveling SPN/Mag7 Crossovers for me.

Iron Man - I have been a huge RDJ fan since "Chances Are" I love the guy. I am also a comic book fan. And of all the comic book movies and all the casting of superheroes through the ages, I think Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman is the best casting ever. Not only does he look exactly like comic book drawings of Tony Stark, he lived that life of drunken/addict millionaire movie star. Yes, I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but dammit he's too tall. RDJ is perfect as Ironman on every level

Ezra: Where to begin. I simply love this character. He's far and away my favorite of the Mag7 boys (sorry Vin). Before I ever saw an episode, I was intrigued by the character in fic I'd beta'd for [personal profile] lyl_devil. So, I was an Ezra fan before I even found out he was gorgeous too. Of all the boys, I think is the one who was the most affected by joining the 7 and the most fleshed out of the characters. He started as an untrustworthy conman to become someone who risked his life for friends. He's complicated and damaged - a deadly combination for me.

If you could get a fic written just for you, what would it be?: This is tough. I guess I'd like to see Dean and Ezra in another fic together (in a non-slashy way, people - geez). I've tried but have yet to figure out a way to bring these two together again and I am reluctant to write ATF Mag7. Another scenario I like to see is Ezra and Sophie from Leverage - I just know these two would get along - in a scary and dangerous way.
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